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Plaza Monterrey, Mexico

Concept Plaza Design, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico | 2009


An international design workshop with 36 participating designers from 21 countries that worked on the design conceptualisation of a new Design Avenue for the city. 


The team Siddhartha headed worked on the focal point of the Avenue, the Plaza, on the theme of The Flow of Life: Planting Innovations Through Design. The project aimed at creating a new emblematic feature, that was inclusive in a city marked by sharp disparities. The Plaza is to be located on St. Lucia’s riverfront and will house a market and a children’s area. The flow of life: St Lucia’s water nourishes, Nature flourishes, and the flowers bloom. The Plaza gently leans towards the river and it delicately brings the River St. Lucia into the Plaza.

Plaza Monterrey, Mexico
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