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Reimagining Traditions: 

Art inspired by heritage

On view: 20 - 30 April, 11am - 7pm.
Venue: Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex,

India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi


Guided walk-through with Siddhartha Das, daily at 6pm.

Illustrated Lecture by Siddhartha Das, Saturday, 20 April and 27 April, 5pm.

Exhibition Details
Pieces created on paper, textiles, stone, wood, metal amongst other materials, and craft products in bamboo, stone, lacquer, brass, and wood, 'Reimagining Traditions' presents a series of art pieces conceived by Siddhartha Das. Among the highlights are a scaled architectural model of a 4,000 sqft stone mural on a façade of a building; a step well rendered in marble; a model of Lingaraj Temple crafted from teak wood; an architectural frieze of the Jagannath Temple in Puri; and a mural wall installation depicting the historic garden scenes of Rajasthan. Additionally, the exhibition features a series of black-and-white and colour photographs on makers and landscapes from 35mm negatives and slides; botanical paintings and prints showcasing India's diverse flowering plants, alongside a curated selection of craft products born from workshops conducted with artisans nationwide.

Siddhartha Das Studio

Founded in 2002, the Siddhartha Das Studio offers a wide variety of in-house design expertise with projects in the sphere of Museum complexes and museum and thematic exhibitions, cultural spaces, art programmes and installations, livelihood programmes rooted in crafts communities across India and elsewhere in the world. The Studio’s team includes architects, exhibition, industrial, graphic designers, art historians and cultural professionals.

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