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Museum of Meenakari Heritage, Jaipur

Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery | 2021-2023

Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery, esteemed for its enamelled creations, entrusts us with designing a captivating gallery within their new flagship store in Jaipur. Collaborating with Studio Lotus, the architects behind the stunning building, we craft an immersive experience on enamels' history, making, colors, and motifs. Led by Dr. Usha Balakrishan, a leading jewellery expert, we co-curate the narrative, design interiors, graphics, and commissioned artwork. Highlights include a journey from European and Persian enamels to Indian schools, showcasing traditional and contemporary palettes and motifs. Historic enamel reproductions from the client's workshop enrich the narrative, alongside commissioned wood carvings, marble, and botanical paintings, illustrating cultural influences. Moreover, two motion graphics on the making of historic pieces, Jigha and Sarpech, add dynamic insights into craftsmanship.

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