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Reimagining Traditions: Art Inspired by Heritage
India International Centre, New Delhi | 2024

Pieces created on paper, textiles, stone, wood, metal amongst other materials, and craft products in bamboo, stone, lacquer, brass, and wood, 'Reimagining Traditions' presents a series of art pieces conceived by Siddhartha Das. Among the highlights are a scaled architectural model of a 4,000 sqft stone mural on a façade of a building; a step well rendered in marble; a model of Lingaraj Temple crafted from teak wood; an architectural frieze of the Jagannath Temple in Puri; and a mural wall installation depicting the historic garden scenes of Rajasthan. Additionally, the exhibition features a series of black-and-white and colour photographs on makers and landscapes from 35mm negatives and slides; botanical paintings and prints showcasing India's diverse flowering plants, alongside a curated selection of craft products born from workshops conducted with artisans nationwide.

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